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Ashutosh gowarikar 0508998e5e9be6368aeb10981ca232b843d6323ccd7918c86c8b7b0dd9ff9969

I personally like how nuanced the entire website is, conceptually and otherwise!

Ashutosh Gowariker

Film Director and Producer, AGPPL

Sidharth anand db49034aefdab8bfeaba0dc8387713857e99c8a2b85685dfcbdaa82e64bd7e5d

We’ve now entered a world where dreams are actually going to be imaginable. Kudos Talent Next!

Siddharth Anand

Film Director

Karan johar 73c2867ed16884bb1c11f5a314fb8e945c4eb3fb56cf1976ddef2818e537cc27

Such a brilliant pool of fresh talent just waiting to be discovered for their next big break!


Film Director and Producer, Dharma Productions Pvt.Ltd.

Finding the right talent for the right job has never been easier. I think it’s time we say goodbye to LinkedIn!

Sameer Pitalwalla

CEO Culture Machine.

Sameer pitalwala 4a9711e6a3c24fa55cc3e8372cb7416d353e3919418e4d6a52ca4f733501874d

The world of film and music is forever in need of fresh talent, making the whole process smooth and enriching Talent next is just the right platform!

Ramesh Taurani

Managing Director, Tips Industries Ltd.

Ramesh taurani 03525a5276425889a41f57b012e4fe4d895fb132453a9ee2e3dd34d5ce6a8983

Years ago, we created magic with the launch of Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao in Ishq Vishq, today I am excited about recreating the same magic with a newer batch of actors through Talent Next!

Ken Ghosh

Film Director

Ken ghosh 532268d8ad199fbdfc5cc74afa030af5ebdd0334fc06279a7aa4211be00cb492

As one of the leading studios in the country, it becomes our responsibility to always scope out the best and brightest talent. Talent Next is the solution!

Sunil Lulla

Managing Director, Eros Intrnational Media Ltd..

Sunil lulla fde1c2857029c5733fcdd8fb582bb80dd5a2a9d5a5fad7286ae771610a7e078e


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