Karan johar c9f735fc8937cf10a7218b6dd70d22caa012b34ff141cd49f178af72aaeca321
Such a brilliant pool of fresh talent just waiting to be discovered for their next big break! Karan Johar - Film Director and Producer, Dharma Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Ashitosh fde613c8d1cdcc914fc062a468b2db1e24f0c76c0878ed7adc6efd00bbb51536
I personally like how nuanced the entire website is, conceptually and otherwise! Ashutosh Gowariker - Film Director and Producer, AGPPL
Siddharth anand ec3fa45827ce2d90b7b2b475c8065504162b0d934567c3d88c2fa2440e357da0
We’ve now entered a world where dreams are actually going to be imaginable. Kudos Talent Next! Siddharth Anand - Film Director
Sameer pitalwalla 589335ce5da16c8c9335f93c307500d305484b45ad1f55d82f9506af1b4b5101
Finding the right talent for the right job has never been easier. I think it’s time we say goodbye to LinkedIn! Sameer Pitalwalla - CEO Culture Machine
Ramesh taurani 26ae68d11a13bcbfbae20e0749a211ab6a65facc57637e12f4bc98c5f0bae352
The world of film and music is forever in need of fresh talent, making the whole process smooth and enriching Talent next is just the right platform! Ramesh Taurani - Managing Director, Tips Industries Ltd.
Ken ghosh 2c678eb5b60e3b3092b1eb667590be7a91f3b3b41f1cf5d25cd4ab67828c1e55
Years ago, we created magic with the launch of Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao in Ishq Vishq, today I am excited about recreating the same magic with a newer batch of actors through Talent Next! Ken Ghosh - Film Director
Sunil lulla 785ddbc88bb150cc532c2ec088bfe6542b13db3f364275c22ce4af8a9e7ee05d
As one of the leading studios in the country, it becomes our responsibility to always scope out the best and brightest talent. Talent Next is the solution! Sunil Lulla - Managing Director, Eros Intrnational Media Ltd.


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