Kashish Vohra

Mumbai Maharashtra

The entire team at TalentNext is really nice, supportive and good at what they do. From auditions to the shoot, they are through professionals and the people they work with are really good. I think everyone should work with TalentNext.

Tulika Gupta

Mumbai Maharashtra

I recently worked on a TV Commercial with TalentNext and it was an amazing experience working with them. They are very professional and the whole process went very smooth, from getting selected to the remuneration. So I’m very happy and would recommend TalentNext to all the budding actors and models out there.

Malhar Rathod

Mumbai Maharashtra

I recently got a chance to work with TalentNext. It is an amazing platform for all the actors and they were really helpful throughout the shoot. I didn’t have to call them even once for anything do check them out on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

Kiara Chaudhary

Mumbai Maharashtra

It’s really great working with TalentNext and I hope to work with them in the future too. Check them out and Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to find out about upcoming opportunities.

Ruhani Sharma

Mumbai Maharashtra

TalentNext is the best platform for every aspiring actor. I personally believe this because I have had such a great experience with them and ever since my profile has been on their platform, I’ve been getting a lot of work offers and it’s amazing.I would also want to recommend this to aspiring actors, upload your profile on their platform and get more visibility. I would also like to thank TalentNext for considering me and giving me a lot of work opportunities. Thank You.

Kushal Mehta

Mumbai Maharashtra


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