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Frequently Asked Questions

TalentNext (“TX”) is an online discovery platform for the entertainment industry – It’s a casting community for films, television shows, commercial ad films, live events, theatre (performing arts) and other forms of entertainment. A kick-start to your dream, TX offers you more than one fantastic job at a time! Think of our platform as a platform for recruiters, agents and talents to come meet each other from the comforts of their own home in their own city!

We get you 'Discovered’, with just a click away.

Anybody can! You just need to be 18 years of age and above.
You can be a talent or a talent seeker, you can be a fresher or an experienced veteran; everyone can find his or her place at TX.

This platform has a plethora of opportunities. TX caters to prospects for Hindi and regional cinema Actors, Musicians, Models, Writers, Fashion choreographers, Dancers, Assistant Directors, Animation & VFX professionals, DJ’s, Photographers, Hair & Make-up Artists, Fashion Stylist, Sound recordist, Stand-up Comedians, Voice over artists and Emcees and much more.

As a Recruiter, you get a chance to post jobs free of cost and explore talent from the large directory of talent that the platform offers. We make sure that the options are not just limited to Mumbai but give you access to Talent from across the country and the globe! As a Talent, you can browse through a world of opportunities and apply, while sitting in the comforts of your home. There are numerous jobs in various categories that you can shortlist and apply as per your passion and capabilities. TX also proves to be very helpful to agents who are on a continuous lookout for good work for their clients!

Verification will certify the credibility of your profile and will ensure the email ID is valid. We promise not to spam you!

Nope! TX is a free service!

We value your time and hence we have kept it short and simple! It will take less than 10 minutes to register yourself and get access to unlimited opportunities. Do you want a quick tip? The process will be quicker if you have already created a write-up about yourself and have all the required information handy. So, how about getting started on your write-up by logging on to

In case you are facing any problems signing in, please check the following:

  • Are you entering the correct username and password to log in to your TX account.
  • Have you selected the right category that you had registered yourself in?
  • If you are trying to login via Facebook/Linkedin/Twitter, the social profile needs to be registered with an email id. Profiles registered without an email address will face issues!
  • If you still face issues, no problem. Just email us at

Quite frankly, you can use TX as a platform to find talent with convenience and without any cost. We have a dedicated team of casting coordinators to help you at every step. Listed below are just a few of the benefits of using TX:

  • Place a free casting call
  • Access to industry’s largest Talent Directory (great for urgent casting calls)
  • Contact the Talent directly
  • Sort, manage and contact candidates through the online application management system, or let us manage the work for you. We can handle the casting call and applications process on behalf of your organization in whichever capacity you require.
  • Create branded casting calls for upcoming projects, with company logos and creatives.

All jobs remain active on the site as per the expiry date updated by the recruiter.

As you open the Talent’s profile, there is a tab for “Contact”. This button is located besides the talent’s Profile photograph. By clicking on the tab, you can contact the talent directly and exchange messages.

Recruiters can select the candidates by clicking on the Tab - “Shortlist”, which is placed just besides the Talent’s profile photograph. Once you click ‘shortlist’, you can add the talent to the shortlisted category.

Recruiters can save the Talent’s profile by adding it to their ‘Wishlist’. By “Adding to Wishlist”, a recruiter can save the talent’s profile for a future project. This helps the recruiter access the profile of the talent as and when required, without searching for it again and losing their precious time.

Yes. You can add multiple projects. There is no limit to the number of projects you can add; just like there is no limit to the number of opportunities we have to offer!

Every time a talent applies for a job posted by you, you will receive an email notification.

Once you log on to the platform, click the tab “Auditions and Jobs”. Once you click the tab, the total number of active jobs on the platform will appear on top left of the page.

Once you log on to the platform, click on “Auditions and Jobs”. Select the ‘Recruiter’ filter and choose the desired option to get the number of jobs by that specific recruiter.

A completed profile will increase your credibility and will offer you a better chance on landing with the relevant opportunities. It will help you reach and connect with the recruiters, who could shortlist you for their projects and ask you to give an online audition.

Once you complete the “Account Information” section to set your username and password, you will be registered. It’s that simple. The system will save each section of the profile when you click “Save & Continue.” You may return anytime to complete it before you apply for a job. However, we strongly recommend you to complete your profile as soon as possible to avoid missing on opportunities. So, log on to right away!

In your profile, there is a tab called “Casting”. Once you click on the Casting tab, this will lead you to the ‘Job Application’ page where you can see all the jobs you have applied so far.

Adding a picture adds credibility to your profile and will most likely get you the relevant response! We encourage you to add your best and most relevant portfolio shots (but no selfies please) which will help you get noticed.

Once registered with TX, you can click on the ‘Job Opportunities’ tab and view all the jobs listed on the platform. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to apply for suitable jobs!

On your dashboard, all the details that you have submitted will be displayed. You can select the category that you want to change with a click on the ‘edit’ tab, which is present on the right-hand side of your page.

Yes. You can share your profile on all social media platforms. Once you log in, your dashboard will display various options to share your profile on social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

If a recruiter shortlists you as a talent, you will get a notification update via email as well as on your dashboard.

Because our Talent Directory is very large, you may need to narrow down the searc results when looking for your own profile. Click on ‘Search’ tab in the Talent Directory and choose by “ Region, Gender, Age, etc.” This will help you spot yourself.

If an agent has created your talent profile, details of the agent will be provided in the “agency Info” tab.

You can upload png, jpg & jpeg images.

You can upload mp4 videos.

You can upload mp3 audios.

You can upload pdf or doc files.

On your dashboard, under the “Videos” tab you will witness a function of “Embed from Youtube/Vimeo”. Once you click on this option, you can add your video through Youtube or Vimeo by entering the title and URL of the video.

On your dashboard under the “Audio” tab, you have a function of “Embed from Soundcloud”. Select the option to enter your URL and Submit.

Please check if the URL provided by you is correct and/or if the video needs any permit to be embedded.

Once registered with TX, you will have access to job opportunities that you would normally not even be aware of. You can apply for jobs and give auditions from the comfort of your home.

No, you don’t have to sign any contract or agreement with TX. There are no strings attached.

Your profile can be viewed by the recruiter and by other talents as well. However, your contact details are available only to our backend team, which will be made available to the recruiters, producers or directors should you be shortlisted or get selected for a project.

TX is a platform that enables the users to apply for different jobs/opportunities. TX does not guarantee a job; the final selection will be based purely on requirement and performance as it pertains to any job.

TX helps recruiters find the right talent specific to their requirement. However, there are times when they may face unforeseen circumstances, which may result in the project getting shelved. Sadly, TX does not have any control over that.

It is advised that you have a headshot and a full-length image. We would request you to refrain from uploading selfies. A profile might be blacklisted, in case images are found to be inappropriate or indecent.

Your profile may not receive enough response if you haven’t added the required details and/or uploaded recent photographs. To make your profile stand-out, do update your profile regularly and add relevant information.

More than one profile by the same individual will not be accepted.

There isn’t an option to delete the account yet, but it will be incorporated soon. We will ensure that you will never need to exercise this option.

You can create a new Talent Profile from your dashboard. Once you log in, you will see the tab “Create new talent”. Clicking on the same, you get to register the talent and proceed towards completing the details of his/her profile.

You can always see the talent list on your dashboard under the “All Talents” tab and access their profiles.

TYes. Provided the talent’s registered email address was shared with you while creating their profile. However, a talent cannot access your dashboard or any other talent’s profile registered with you.

This is as simple as updating your own profile. Once you visit the Talent’s dashboard, click on the ‘Edit’ tab. You can then edit the information and update the profile by clicking on ‘Submit’.

Once you log in, you will come across “Apply on behalf of talent” tab under the Job Directory section. You can choose a talent(s) from your list and proceed to apply for the job.

Yes. You will receive an e-mail notification for every communication received/sent by your talent.

If you have any questions, Please call us on +91 8448449117


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