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Tips to become a better singer

05 JAN 2018

Singing is not as easy as it sounds when you try it on your own! You have to work on your voice day and night and it obviously isn’t easy. It’s as good as taking care of your health. You need to constantly work on your voice to make your singing best and we will tell you how!
Here are a few steps to follow to get better at singing:

1. Progress your voice

When I say progress I mean work on your voice, here’s how:

2. Regular vocal training

Your voice is a muscle that needs to be worked on and hence you need a vocal trainer for better results. If you are in school try joining the choir or even the church choir for the exercise. It will help you a lot with your singing.

3. Know your range

Compare your pitch with the piano notes to know your perfect range. If not piano then start singing from a highest note possible and then drop down to a lowest note. You will be able to figure out your range. In total there are seven ranges starting from Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Countertenor, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass. The first three ranges are of women and the last for are of men.

4. Focus on your breath

To have a better control over your voice breathe in through your belly not your chest. To make sure you are breathing properly place your hand over your belly and inhale, if the belly is bulging out it means you are doing it right. Do the breathing exercise daily either by standing up or lying down but make sure that the belly is rising every time you inhale.

5. Proper singing posture

Your head should be straight in line with your shoulders. Relax your shoulders, and let your jaw drop and relax your tongue at the front of your mouth. Open up your mouth so you allow more air flow in your throat and open up the throat.

6. Warm up

Singing is not counted as a warm up since you focus on your singing and put in effort. Warm is supposed to be free and random. Yell or make silly sounds but make sure you do it in private. Warm up both your upper and lower voices. Upper voice will be you mimicking an opera singer and lower voice is your normal range. Practice warm ups that will stretch the corners of your mouth like – “Ohhhhh weee waaaaa woooo ahhhh”

7. Daily practice

You can ace the normal singing range but it’s difficult to the high and low notes so to be the best at that follow these steps and practice daily. Don’t try and mimic your singers because you can’t have their voice so create. Don’t try and mimic your favourite singers because you can’t have their voice so create your own.

8. Keep your voice healthy

Drink a lot of water:
On a daily basis you should have at least 8 glasses of water. Avoid caffeine and any drinks with sugar before you sing because that will dehydrate you. Drinks like decaffeinated green teas or warm water with honey and lemon will help lubricate your vocal chords.

9. Avoid dairy or sweets

Eliminate these products just before singing because it causes mucus to form which makes singing difficult. Salty and spicy foods are also a no-no because they irritate the vocal chords.

10. No smoking

If you are really dedicated to singing and love smoking then quit either one because smoking and singing doesn’t go hand-in- hand. Try smoking as less as possible and specially avoid smoking on the day of singing and in the meantime consume a lot of water.

11. Do not strain your voice

Singing too high and too loud for too long can damage your vocal chords. Immediately stop singing if your throat feels hoarse or if it pains.
Follow these steps and you will be the next you!


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