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Tips to be the best writer

02 JAN 2018

All of us at one point thought about writing and the ones who already write suffer from writer’s block! So how do we solve the problem of perfecting our writing skills without going through a lot of hassle?
Here are a few tips for you to improve your writing:

1. Read great authors

If you are into fiction then J.K. Rowling is the most amazing author to read and learn from. Her writing will actually take you into the “magical” world of reading. When you think of the genre first author that comes into my mind is Stephen King; a real King of writing horror. Of course you call always look up on the net for great writers to read and who will inspire and help you.

2. Write down your ideas

At any moment of the day if an idea pops up, then make sure to note down the idea anywhere.Ideas are one thing that can be easily forgotten as soon as it comes. If you are confused then make down a list of your ideas and choose your ideal one or just mix all of them and have a unique and different story! Everything is accepted when it comes to writing.

3. Try writing a lot

Write something or the other all the time like, poem, one liners, short stories, articles. Whatever suits you best write it down and improve on how you write, maybe change the style or tone of writing. Once you know it looks perfect get on with your novel.

4. Don’t get distracted

A writer always needs a calm and quiet environment; no writer can work in a chaotic surrounding and even if you do, how? Distraction is the last thing a writer needs while being dedicated to their work. Hence, we have had earphones/headphones to shut our ears from all the chaos around and focus on our work completely. Leave all your work aside and give an hour to your writing, if you’re concentrated you will finish in less than hour!

5. Experiment

Do your own thing you don’t exactly have to mimic the authors you have read. Have your own style, uniqueness, tone, plot, etc. peek into other people’s work and take ideas, see if that works out for you, if not then stick to your idea!

6. Revision

Go through what you have written as many times as you can before being sure that that’s how you want your novel to be. While typing your work you will always come across typos or grammatical errors, correct those! Revision is mandatory, if you forget then add it on your to do list.

7. Feedback

Do not be shy from anyone and be open about your work and share it with your friends if not family. Choose a friend who you know will be very honest with you and help you move ahead, which is your best friend. Ask for feedback or even help.
Hope these tips will help you write the amazing story locked in your head!


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