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8 Photography tips for beginners

20 JAN 2018

We have all given a shot at photography by clicking the nature or even our best friends for that matter, but the outcome only came to “let’s take another one”, which is okay. Everything has a learning process to be the best at it. Hence, we are here to help you out with the rules and learning process of photography.
Here are 8 tips to photography for beginners:

1. Start with a cheap camera

Don’t jump ahead and buy the most expensive camera in the world because right now you are only exploring yourself and your interest in this field. Buying an expensive one and then not having any sort of interest in it is just a waste of money. And when you are in the midst of experimenting you will also be aware of what kind of Camera you need for the future.

2. Get a tripod

We are humans after all and we tend to make mistakes. One of those in this field is shaky hands. It is obviously very difficult to keep your hand still and this is one of the important parts in photography, but fret not because tripod saves the day. Get a tripod along with your camera to click still and beautiful pictures.

3. Carry the camera at all times

You never know what beautiful sight you might come across while travelling. When I say travelling I don’t only mean vacation, any travelling in general. You can come across beautiful sight like the sky, birds, animals; anything that is related to nature is beautiful.

4. List your favorite shots

Make a list of things you would like to click with your camera. We all want to click that specific thing or a person. Once you make a list go ahead and click pictures of that list and go crazy. There might be times where you won’t be able to carry your camera along with you so keep that place or thing in mind for later on. Add it in your to click list.

5. Consider mundane subjects

From a small flower to a notebook sunbathing; anything is worth a photograph. These photographs are considered to be aesthetics. Don’t ignore your daily objects around you; they are all worth the photography.

6. Make learning process fun

Learning something can be boring but learning something you love can be learned cheerfully. How? By not thinking about it as a learning process, instead make it your hobby!

7. Take photos regularly

I don’t mean sit 24/7 with your camera and not leave at all. As I mentioned above carry your camera, and whatever catches your eye capture it in your camera. Taking photos regularly will not only improve your skills but will also help you keep your hand still and with the settings to learn everyday.

8. Experiment

Go crazy with clicking. See what angle, lighting, subject fits your choice the best. Refer to the spree you have had earlier and if you don’t like it and continue experimenting. Google what to click and try a hand at those as well, you never know what perfect photography you might like.
Hope these photography tips come in handy!


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