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Packing your audition bag for a monsoon day

30 JULY 2018

Monsoons can be a messy affair. With heavy downpours and murky roads, reaching your audition venue prim and proper can be a daunting task. To add to the chaos, you already have an important audition to ace. Wondering how to sail through? Here are some must follow seasonal tips from our Casting director to help you stay hassle free-

1.Check before you leave

The rains bring a whole lot of added time to any task. When it comes to audition etiquettes, reaching on time is of prime importance. Take the help of your smartphone and check for the days traffic and weather conditions to plan your day. This helps save a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety.

2.Hand towel and an extra change of clothes.

We know this takes effort but a handy towel ensures you stay dry always. You can also use it to wipe water off chairs and transport seats. When it comes to dress codes, wear lighter fabrics and bright hues to kill the gloom.

3.Rain gear

Duh! This almost goes without saying. A sturdy umbrella, appropriate footwear and raincoats make for a rainy-day necessity. Don’t let those murky drops pour water over your important day.

4.Waterproof makeup

You don’t want to be reaching for auditions with smudged kohl and wiped off lipsticks. Invest in basic waterproof makeup for the best impression.

5.Download the TX App

Skip all the above steps and audition from literally wherever you are. The Talentnext app not only allows you to audition from home, but you can also apply to multiple entertainment jobs on the go. Give it a try?

We hope this article makes for a good checklist. Got more tips that can help? Let us know in the comment section below.

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