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30 JULY 2018

It’s a joy to see a great actor on screen and their fans cheering away to glory! While we often do wonder and secretly pray to be in their shoes.... here we are unravelling their success stories and how none of them had it easy. While all their struggles were different only one thing remained constant - "Their passion for success" which made them never give up and reach where they are....

1.Dolly Parton

A woman that has marked her place in the music industry with her marvellous vocals. This country singer, grew up in poverty and lived with her family in a rustic, one room cabin. She did given us a small sketch about her poverty in two of her songs  “Coat of many colours”- "Back through the years I go wonderin' once again, Back to the seasons of my youth I recall a box of rags that someone gave us And how my momma put the rags to use There were rags of many colours Every piece was small And I didn't have a coat And it was way down in the fall Momma sewed the rags together Sewin' every piece with love She made my coat of many colours That I was so proud of" and “In the good old days”- "We'd get up before sun-up to get the work done up We'd work in the fields till the sun had gone down We've stood and we've cried as we have bristly watched A hailstorm a' beatin' our crops to the ground We've gone to bed hungry many nights in the past In the good old days when times were bad" Dolly started her singing at the age of six in a church where she first performed publicly, her grandfather who was a pastor there was instrumental in getting her this stage.  She also played a self-made guitar until her uncle gifted her a real guitar at the age of eight. From that time Dolly began her singing career on radio and television. From that date till now Dolly has continued to give her best and has achieved eight Grammy awards followed by Grammy lifetime achievement award and country music association achievement award.

2.Ralph Lauren

One of the biggest names in the fashion industry had a tough life growing up and reach where he is today. He started his career as a tie salesman which was followed by a stint a sales assistant at Brooks Brothers. At 28, he worked for a tie manufacturer known as Beau Brummell who also allowed him with the opportunity of starting his own Tie-line - Lauren. After this there was no looking back for Ralph. In 1967 The Ralph Lauren Corporation started with men’s ties. Sports caught Lauren’s attention and he started his line of menswear ‘Polo’ in 1968. Lauren is the first ever designer to launch two perfumes – One for men (Polo) and one for women (Lauren) – simultaneously. Today, he is a huge success globally!

3.Eminem (Marshal Mathers)

With a rough childhood Eminem decided to write raps on his struggles and hardships that helped him gain fame and respect. Before dropping out of high school at the age of 17 he would rap along with his school mates and conducted rap battles by entering other high schools. Through those rap battles he did not only earn great reputation but also opportunities to collaborate with various rap groups like New Jacks, Soul Intended, and many more. After collaborating with several rap groups he signed up with FBT Production house and made his debut album infinite, where the lyrics were based on him raising his daughter – Hailie Jade Scott Mathers with his then wife Kimberly Scott – with little money, which was a fail. After being evicted from his house in Detroit in 1997 Eminem was forced to move to Los Angeles where he took part in Rap Olympics conducted where the staff of Interscope Records were present and had forwarded his copy tape to Dr. Dre’s production house – Aftermath Entertainment who was extremely impressed by his rap and asked his staff to "Find him. Now" and he gave him a chance by hiring him irrespective of his colour. Since then Eminem is a name everyone has at the tip of their tongues as soon as they hear the word ‘RAP’.

4.Leonardo DiCaprio

From the rag in Titanic to the riches in The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio has seen the best/worst of both worlds. Leonardo’s parents had parted their ways when he was only a year old and lived with his mum in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles who worked several jobs. Leonardo started is career at the age of five in Romper Room and was removed instantly because of his disruptive behavior. He then followed his step brother - Adam Farrar's footsteps and started appearing in various TV Commercials and educational films before landing onto his first break into the short-lived TV series based on the movie Parenthood. After Parenthood he did several other shows until he debuted in the sci-fi horror comedy Critters 3 in 1991. He decided to not stop after his debut movie and in 1992, Leonardo made his entry in the big screen through a lead role in This Boy’s Life for which he was handpicked by Robert De Niro out of 400 young actors. The following year he was seen next to Johnny Depp in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The director of the movie was initially looking for someone less attractive but settled for him because he was much more observant than others. He did other mediocre movies until 1997 when he appeared in James Cameron's Titanic and took all our hearts with his character of Jake Dawson. Since then he has given us unforgetful movies like Romeo & Juliet, Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wall Street, and many more.


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