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Get your skin glammin for camera

02 JAN 2018

It is difficult to look your best on a daily basis especially when you are someone who aspires to be an actor/actress and constantly come across a lot of photo-shoots. Do not fret because we have come to the rescue and will help you out with your skin routine and make it photo ready any time!
Here are few ‘MUST’ to do’s for all of you:

1. Cleansing

Cleaning your skin is the most important part of the day due to travelling the pollution will rest on your face making your skin and face look dull and tired. Cleaning will help clean out the dirt that stays in your pores. You can use the product depending on your skin type if you are someone with sensitive skin then use a lighter product or if you have less sensitivity in your skin then you can use harsher products to see the actual results. If you’re paranoid of using products then homemade remedies like lemon juice and honey individually have proven to work as well.

2. Facial hair

This goes out to every man and woman who struggles to clean their facial hair. If your facial hair is neatly done then it gives out a cleaner and fresh look. This does not mean you are sitting in the parlour 24/7. You can easily do this at home with tweezers, but before tweezing off your hair, soak a cloth into warm water and dab it on the area you are about to tweeze your hair from. Do this every day before going to bed for the best result.

3. Moisturize

Just like your body even skin needs food, which is moisturizer! I am sure all of us have a bunch of those lying around in the house - use them! It will help make your skin look/feel baby soft moisturizing should be your primary option. Make it a point to apply it before going to bed and after washing your face.

4. Drink water

Water works as the natural highlighter for your face; make sure to consume eight glasses of water everyday. Not only will it keep you hydrated but will also remove all the wastes and oil from your face.

5. Don’t pop the pimples

I know they could be tempting to pop but that’s a strict no-no. Do not touch your face, because that will only help you gain more pimples all over your face. I know that sounds ridiculous but is one pimple better or two? Avoid touching your face at any cost because it clogs the pores and creates blemishes on your face. To avoid pimples change your pillow case every week because the oil in the fabric that is left behind sticks to your face during the night.

6. Moisturize your lip

We have covered skin now time for the chapped lips. Use balm or Vaseline for your lips to keep them moisturized. Make sure to keep a balm handy and apply whenever need be and not use every 2-3 minutes because then your lips are addicted to the balm which makes the addiction difficult to break.

7. Sunscreen before leaving the house

The harsh rays of the sun can easily damage your skin and to prevent from it always make to apply sunscreen before leaving the house. This will act as a protection and a moisturizer for your skin. If you are someone who hates to apply cream before leaving then carry/wear a hat.
Hope these tips will come in handy and will help you be camera ready!


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