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Get your diction right

14 NOV 2017

If you want a director to cast you, it’s very crucial for every actor to be heard and understood. You may look fantastic and act very well. But your career will never take off unless you have a good control on your diction.
Good diction is NOT about changing your accent. It is about clarity making sure what you say is heard. Bringing you few quick tips from the expert:-Sohini Niyogi from our successful Diction workshop held this weekend. Diction

1. Read a lot

Reading a lot and reading out loud will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Not only will it help you develop your speech, it will also boost your confidence. Might sound unusual, but reading Urdu and Hindi books will help you clear your speech.

2. Pen practice

Pen Practice is one of the oldest and most effective tongue twisting exercise. Tongue twisters have long been an integral part of a good speaker's tool kit. As well as being fun, they are extremely effective. Keep a pen in your mouth and say your dialogues out loud. This practice will help you work on your dialogue delivery. Build up your speed very gradually, when practicing diction.

3. Learn the 3 voice projections

Build the sense of understanding your own voice projection. There are three types of voice projections- Low, Medium and High. Using the incorrect pitch can change the meaning of the dialogue altogether. Voice projection is a very crucial element of getting your diction right.
Excerpts from the Diction Workshop by Sohini Niyogi
Sohini is a Diction and theatre expert. She conducts regular workshops on diction and speech. She is also a vocalist and voice modulator trainer.


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