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Dress right for the auditions

15 Dec 2017

You know the minute you walk in the room they’ll be judging you—even before you show them how awesome you are. Clothes are a big part of this first impression. The actors should consider the part that they are auditioning for and then wear something that fits the part. Right clothes also help actors to look and feel the part.

It is important to understand the terminology that the casting directors use to describe the designated audition wardrobe. TalentNext’s Casting Directors Dimpy Sinha take you through a quick lookbook for the auditions and make your life a wee easier :)

1. Casuals

The actors can be dressed in T-shirt and Jeans which are considered casual attire. If the role demands, the women can also don a colourful dress for a ‘Girl next door’ look. Makeup and footwear should be simple.

2. Semi casual

The women can carry the look of a nice semi-formal top and jeans. They can also don a Kurti and jeans as part of the semi casual attire. For men, a Shirt and Jean thrown together would ace the look. We also recommended you carry a blazer with you.

3. Formals

Trousers paired with a smart shirt fit the bill for formals for men. If the audition calls for strictly formals, you could carry a blazer and a tie along. A pencil skirt or trousers paired with a top will work for this look for women. They can also ace the look with a smart dress, complimented with closed footwear.

4. Sporty

Men and Women can carry off this look with trendy Activewear. A woman can wear Leggings/shorts paired with a sports T-shirt. The men can ace this look by pairing a Joggers/Shorts with a sports T-shirt. Sport Shoes is a must to complete this look, which goes without saying.

5. Party/ Glamorous

The women can dress to kill to don this look right. A party dress or a skirt with a glamorous top and stilettos will work right for this audition look. Men can carry this look with well fitted Pants or Chinos and a nice shirt, paired with closed shoes.


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