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The 3 best diet tips of all time

10 Oct 2017

With the busy lives that we lead, our health tends to get ignored more often than we realize. We get you three simple tips from renowned Chef Ripudaman Handa that will make a huge impact in your life.The focus should be on a nutritious diet that is as good for your mind as it is for your body. Make these 3 easy tips a part of your life and see the difference for yourself.

1. Measure your food

Eating the right amount of calories is very crucial to keep your weight in watch. Carbohydrates should not exceed the amount of 25 gms in a day. It’s very important to measure the food intake, especially the ones that are high on starch like Potato, Rice, Corn, Grains etc.

2. Watch your water intake

No matter how many times you have been told to increase your water intake, the statement still holds true. Ensure you are drinking a minimum of 5-6 litres of water in a day. Drinking water will help you achieve a lean frame besides the other numerous benefits that it offers.

3. Increase the number of meals

Ensure there is an intake of 6 meals in a day. Divide the meal as per your choice but ensure your daily intake of carbohydrates don’t exceed 25 gms. Your dairy intake should be minimal with less or no sugar.
Excerpt from a Live Interview with Ripudaman Handa
Ripudaman Handa is a renowned Chef and Restaurateur in India. He is the winner of MasterChef India Season 3 and was one of the youngest contestants on the show. He has been seen hosting various shows like MasterChef Junior, award shows. Ripudaman was also a contestant on India’s dancing reality show- Nach Baliye 6.


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