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Audition tips from the Pro

18 Oct 2017

Waiting to break through the clutter and succeed in your next audition? Hear it from someone who has been through it and nailed it. Three Fail-safe tips from the renowned Bollywood Actor Varun Sharma, that will get you to succeed at your next audition and help you get The Call

1. Dress like the Character

Dressing up in the character for the audition will keep you a step ahead from the others. Read the script and understand the character. Visualise to your best imagination.

2. Improvise on the role

Read the script a multiple time and make it your own. Possess the script and add your improvisations to the role. This practice will prove to be an asset for your audition and help you perform better.

3. Work on the diction

Understand the character’s language and diction. They can be from distinct parts of the country and possess a specific lingo. This will work as an additional asset at your audition.
Excerpt from a Live Interview with Varun Sharma.
Varun Sharma is an Indian actor who made his debut with the new age comedy film-Fukrey and starred in blockbusters like Dilwale, Dolly ki Doli, Raabta and many more.He is now excitedly waiting for his next release- Fukrey Returns and working on various other projects.


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