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Audition tips from the Pro

Waiting to break through the clutter and succeed in your next audition? Hear it from someone who has been through it and nailed it. Three Fail-safe tips from the renowned Bollywood Actor Varun Sharma, that will get you to succeed at your next audition and help you getThe Call

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Packing your audition bag for a monsoon day

Monsoons can be a messy affair. With heavy downpours and murky roads, reaching your audition venue prim and proper can be a daunting task. To add to the chaos, you already have an important audition to ace. Wondering how to sail through? Here are some must follow seasonal tips from our Casting director to help you stay hassle free

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Inspiring hollywood stories |

It’s a joy to see a great actor on screen and their fans cheering away to glory! While we often do wonder and secretly pray to be in their shoes.... here we are unravelling their success stories and how none of them had it easy. While all their struggles were different only one thing remained constant - "Their passion for success" which made them never give up and reach where they are....

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5 Exercises for a toned body.

Ever wished you were as fit as your favourite celebrity? Well, while wishing for it seems easy, these big screen actors put in hours of effort to reach their body goal. A good balanced diet, an active lifestyle and a rigorous workout are the main components for that “bikini body” or “6 pack abs”.

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8 Photography tips for beginners

We have all given a shot at photography by clicking the nature or even our best friends for that matter, but the outcome only came to “let’s take another one”, which is okay. Everything has a learning process to be the best at it. Hence, we are here to help you out with the rules and learning process of photography.

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Tips to become a better singer

Singing is not as easy as it sounds when you try it on your own! You have to work on your voice day and night and it obviously isn’t easy. It’s as good as taking care of your health. You need to constantly work on your voice to make your singing best and we will tell you how!
Here are a few steps to follow to get better at singing:

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Tips to be the best writer

All of us at one point thought about writing and the ones who already write suffer from writer’s block! So how do we solve the problem of perfecting our writing skills without going through a lot of hassle?
Here are a few tips for you to improve your writing:

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Get your skin glammin for camera

It is difficult to look your best on a daily basis especially when you are someone who aspires to be an actor/actress and constantly come across a lot of photo-shoots. Do not fret because we have come to the rescue and will help you out with your skin routine and make it photo ready any time!

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Dress right for the auditions

You know the minute you walk in the room they’ll be judging you—even before you show them how awesome you are. Clothes are a big part of this first impression. The actors should consider the part that they are auditioning for and then wear something that fits the part. Right clothes also help actors to look and feel the part.

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Dancing tips by Mayuresh Wadkar

Before any dance session, it is extremely important to dedicate some time for a good warm up session. Warming up not only loosens up your muscles but also reduces the risk of injury. It prepares your body for the activity to come. Warm up can range from various activities like Brisk walk, Stretch exercises, Aerobics etc.

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Get your diction right

If you want a director to cast you, it’s very crucial for every actor to be heard and understood. You may look fantastic and act very well. But your career will never take off unless you have a good control on your diction. Good diction is NOT about changing your accent. It is about clarity - making sure what you say is heard. Bringing you few quick tips from the expert- Sohini Niyogi

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The 3 best diet tips of all time

With the busy lives that we lead, our health tends to get ignored more often than we realize. We get you three simple tips from renowned Chef Ripudaman Handa that will make a huge impact in your life.The focus should be on a nutritious diet that is as good for your mind as it is for your body. Make these 3 easy tips a part of your life and see the difference for yourself.

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Quick tips for acting

Feel passionate about your acting. Don’t fake it, don’t copy it. Jo bhi karo Dil se karo (Whatever you do, do it from your heart). You will automatically start enjoying it and excel in it. Be original.

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